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Don’t Let Fraudulent Claims Cost Your Business Money.

Fraudulent injury and insurance claims cost more than 50 billion dollars per year, directly affecting the bottom line of everyone from the individual consumer to the largest corporations, as well as insurance carriers. Unfortunately, people in general are not becoming more ethical as time goes by. There is a very real percentage of claims being pursued by individuals who want easy compensation for a fraudulent injury or fabricated claim. This results in higher insurance premiums for everyone. Superior Investigations Group provides professional private investigation services throughout the Tampa Bay area and the State of Florida.

Superior Investigations Group Can Help You Spot Fraud

Our specialties include all aspects of insurance claims investigations, such as workers’ compensation, liability, long-term disability, auto liability, and bodily injury claims, as well as risk management. We are your first defense in the fight against fraudulent workers’ compensation claims, bogus liability and exaggerated injury claims. We are fully licensed and insured and comply with all local, state and federal privacy laws. We hold our finished product to the highest industry standards, to provide for you the superior results you deserve and expect.

About Michael Angotti, Owner and Lead Investigator Of Superior Investigations Group

Michael Angotti, the owner of Superior Investigations Group LLC, has over 20 years of experience working directly with the insurance industry in all aspects of claims investigations, including liability, injury and workers compensation claims.

Throughout the years, many cases that Michael has worked have been settled after years of litigation, medical expenses and monthly compensation payments. The invaluable lessons learned in the field are the basis of the structuring of his business and the manner in which investigations are fashioned and conducted, with an emphasis on your specific objectives.

He will determine your objectives, and advise you on the most practical way to proceed with your investigation. Our goal is to raise the bar and be the premier source in the industry for your investigative needs in the fight against fraud, offering a true superior investigation. Please call today to schedule a consultation at no obligation to you.