About Us


Our specialties include all aspects of insurance claims investigations, such as workers’ compensation, liability, long-term disability, auto liability, and bodily injury claims, as well as risk management. We are your first defense in the fight against fraudulent workers’ compensation claims, bogus liability and exaggerated injury claims. We are fully licensed and insured and comply with all local, state and federal privacy laws. We hold our finished product to the highest industry standards, to provide for you the superior results you deserve and expect.

Our Investigators

We hire only experienced C licensed investigators ranking amongst the best in the industry. They have many years of proven results in a multitude of different investigative scenarios. The discreet, yet aggressive handling of your cases get the results you need. Our investigators utilize the latest state of the art equipment, providing crystal clear and undisputable, evidentiary documentation to obtain results under any given scenario. The results of your claim, possibly costing in the tens of thousands of dollars or more, are riding on the effective gathering and presentation of the evidence at hand. Sometimes in a brief, fleeting moment documentation can be obtained that will change the entire course of your claim, saving you years of monthly compensation or an astounding one time settlement.

Following each investigation, in a timely manner, our clients are provided with full detailed reports, including video and/or photographs that are relative to the investigation. Each one of our clients is provided with the highest level of personal and professional service possible. The extraordinary attention to detail and personal attention to your case load will be evident.

We share a strong affiliation with the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI) and network with a host of some of the most influential and accomplished investigators in the industry.